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What is an Example of Fast Fashion?

The term fast fashion comes from a phrase used to describe the production process. In the past two decades, fast fashion has become synonymous with a brand called Zara, the flagship of the textile giant Inditex. This company’s designers can sketch a new garment within four weeks and begin production within two. In comparison, boutique luxury designers might oversee only fifty or hundred pieces of clothing. However, fast fashion is not the only term for cheap clothing.

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Despite its popularity, fast fashion is a form of exploitation. It rips off the original work of creators, damages the environment, and causes severe ethical and ecological problems. It is estimated that 87 percent of fast fashion brands source materials and labor from countries like China, Pakistan, and Turkey. Furthermore, companies in the fast fashion industry are notorious for faking a “green” image in an attempt to attract consumers. Despite the fact that cheap prices are the most important indicator of poor quality, these products are not made with any ethical standards or care.

As a result, fast fashion has led to a disposable lifestyle, with many consumers buying items only once or twice before tossing them. Many garments are worn once, then fall apart. The cycle of fast fashion is harmful to the environment and to consumers’ health. Therefore, it is important to understand the effects of fast fashion on society. You can avoid the negative aspects of fast fashion by learning how it is created.

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