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Primary Care Physician From HealthTap

Primary care physician is an integral part of healthcare and essential for maintaining wellbeing. They assist patients in preventing diseases and treating ailments, as well as recognizing behavioral issues.

HealthTap’s virtual primary care platform connects users with a doctor of their choice for free one-on-one consultations via video chat or text message. Doctors answer all questions subscribers have in confidence at no additional cost.


HealthTap is a nationwide virtual primary care provider that offers quality medical services to all Americans, regardless of insurance or medical history. With their $15 subscription plan, you’ll get unlimited texting with your doctor anytime plus $39 video appointments and $59 visits for urgent care with the first available clinic doctor at no additional cost.

Members have access to 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors across 147 specialties via interactive chats and peer review processes.

Unfortunately, some health insurance plans may not cover telemedicine sessions, meaning you must pay out of pocket for each one.

HealthTap Prime members can take advantage of prescription discounts, saving them up to 74% on brand-name medications. Furthermore, HealthTap Prime subscribers have access to ScriptHero –a service which helps locate nearby pharmacies offering low prices on common drugs.


Telehealth services offer an instant connection to a doctor, but it’s essential that you know what you’re getting into before using one. HealthTap is one such service which allows users to text their primary care physician and receive medical advice at $15 per month.

The company boasts an expansive network of physicians and can assist you in finding the ideal physician for your requirements. Furthermore, it provides a symptom checker that provides an in-depth explanation of your condition and suggested next steps for treatment.

Members can access a range of benefits, such as $39 video appointments and 24/7 urgent care with the first available doctor. Based in Mountain View, California, this company is dedicated to expanding health access for all Americans.


HealthTap provides access to primary care physicians nationwide, offering consumers a personalized connection with a qualified medical professional. During visits, doctors will assess your symptoms and create an individualized treatment plan; when needed, they may refer you to specialist resources as well.

Users can select from thousands of physicians within the HealthTap doctor network, who must meet strict qualifications and licensing requirements in the United States. Furthermore, each physician must provide a comprehensive medical profile as well as uphold stringent privacy protocols.

HealthTap provides a range of plans for its services, including one with unlimited visits at an economical rate. Members can pay one flat fee per visit or subscribe to the monthly Prime plan with unlimited visits at just $15 a month.

The company is a major force in online consultation, boasting an expansive network of over 90,000 volunteer doctors. These doctors answer questions on their website – providing millions of answers to common health queries from both patients and the general public alike.


HealthTap provides medical expertise through a network of doctors and provides 24/7 access to health questions from any location. Its library is organized and classified by experts, which the company says enhances the quality of information provided.

Doctors on the platform possess an active medical license in good standing and self-identify their specialties. They hail from private practices, health maintenance organizations, as well as esteemed academic institutions like Harvard Medical School or Mayo Clinic.

HealthTap provides one-minute appointments with a U.S. board-certified primary care physician, or you can book a longer visit for a comprehensive medical evaluation. It’s available in seven states and soon nationwide, plus its includes an expansive medical profile where you can view lab records, prescriptions and consultation notes. Pricing is straightforward: pay one flat consultation fee or subscribe to their Prime plan which covers unlimited visits at a discounted rate.