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Is Google Apps Not Free Anymore?

If you want to use Google apps for your business, you’ve probably wondered: is Google Apps not free anymore? Earlier this year, it was unclear if the service would still be free. While Google continues to offer free services to many people, the company recently began selling a premium subscription for cloud storage. Google doesn’t ask its users for money, so its free service has the advantage of showing off that it generates its revenue through advertising. The company claims over 425 million users of Gmail, and several million businesses use generic versions of Gmail. Now, you can get a business-level version of Gmail for only $5 per user per month through Google Apps, which is a paid service.

When Google first launched this suite in 2006, it was known as “Google Apps” and later became G Suite. Today, the suite is known as “Workspace.” Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and Drive are all included in the suite. Google stopped offering the free edition of this service in December 2012. However, it did provide a grace period for existing users, allowing them to use the paid version detectmind.

G Suite’s free plan was a godsend for small-time website owners and bloggers. tunai4d They could own their domain name for free and use the email services for free. The change to the paid plan is not surprising. It is Google’s way of funding future development of its business solutions. The new paid version of G Suite is expected to launch in June 2022, but the free version will be available until May 1. Those who are interested can register for the waiting list and stay on the legacy G Suite account for the time being koiusa.

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