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How to Use a Credit Card I Do Not Have While in a Store

You may have noticed that many stores now let you use your credit card before you have it. This is possible thanks to some credit cards. Some companies like Capital One, Apple, and American Express, allow you to use them early. However, some store credit cards have limitations. For instance, if you’ve signed up for an Apple Card, you can use it in-store only if you’re in the Fingerhut store.

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Another solution is to use a digital wallet. This virtual wallet acts like a virtual card, which allows you to make purchases even before you have your physical card. You may even be able to set a spending limit and have it stop making any charges if you reach it. However, you shouldn’t use your virtual card to make purchases unless you have the money to cover it.

Depending on the issuer, your new card may not be available until the next day. In these cases, the best option is to call ahead and request expedited delivery. Many issuers offer this service for free. However, if you’d like to use your card right away, you should choose a card that is instant-use, as this will allow you to use it immediately.

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