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How To Take Care Of The Fishing Rods?

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you would understand the love for fishing tools. No matter which weather is suitable for your hobby, looking after your fishing rods must be of utmost priority for you.

In order to do this, you will need insights and guidance from the expert. This article includes some important pointers to help you maintain the fishing pole.

By looking after the minute details and polishing every part, you make the pole last for a long time. Go ahead and read the article, especially if you are a beginner!

Instructions to clean the fishing rods

Since the rod gets exposed to different kinds of water, it is essential to clean all the dirt, dust, and remnants. In addition, proper cleaning of the rod improves longevity significantly.

It certainly takes extra effort, but investing a little time in the hobby has never hurt anyone. Below are some amazing tips for cleaning the fishing pole.

  • Clean after the saltwater trip: While freshwater trips are fine, saltwater trips affect nearly all parts of the rod. Since the salt content corrodes the fishing pole and its parts, it is important to wash it properly. Gentle rinsing and removing the line and the reel is another important protocol.
  • Cleaning guides: Make sure the guides are clean because they can easily develop a line break in them. No matter how safely you use them, the build-up leads to corrosion and affects the rod’s quality. It is necessary to use a soft plastic brush for cleaning and apply gentle strokes.
  • Use safe products: Don’t use harsh products on the fishing pole. The options are mild detergent, vinegar, and lukewarm water.
  • Proper drying: Since moisture easily catches the fungal growth and rust, drying is a very important process after cleaning.

The next important step after cleaning is the storage of the rod. This process as well has an important role to play in maintaining the longevity of the rod. Read the following section to understand the storage instructions.

Best practices to store the fishing rods

If you want to ensure that your investments are worth every penny, don’t be careless in storing the fishing pole. Below are some pointers to keep in mind for the same.

  • Keeping the rod in a horizontal position may harm its shape permanently. Hence, by storing it vertically, you can ensure that the rods are free from unnecessary curves.
  • There are rod sleeves and cases available in the market. By adding a protective layer, you only get rid of rust and biological corrosion from fungal growth. Apart from this, you can add silica gel pouches to absorb the moisture.
  • Make sure you store the rods in a cool and dry place. This is because the heat weakens certain parts of the tool and might become dysfunctional very soon. Even if it is temporary storage, make sure you are careful about your choices.
  • Always loosen the fishing reel to avoid weakening of the part. It also helps in preventing bent structures and snapped lines.

Therefore, after understanding the care tips for fishing rods, it is safe to conclude that every hobby takes effort and dedication. While it may seem like a small activity to you, avoiding it only ensures that you are careless about the tools.

Hence, if you are into fishing or planning to start the activity, be thorough with cleaning and storage instructions. After all, the fishing pole is the only tool you need to ace the hobby.