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Tips For Using Home Depot’s Truck Rental

If you’re going to rent a truck at a Home Depot location, you may be wondering how to use it efficiently. While this type of rental service may not be as flexible as you might like, there are some benefits to it. Home Depots don’t charge much and you won’t have to worry about hidden fees. Their rental policy also includes unlimited mileage within a certain time frame. Be careful, though, because this can add up quickly, especially if you exceed the allowed 75-minute rental period.

If you’re relocating within a city or across the country, a truck rental from a Home Depot can be the ideal solution. Home Depots’ truck rentals are affordable and spacious, with space for five hundred cubic feet of cargo. These trucks are also lightweight and can accommodate smaller items, like mattresses. Penske truck rentals are a popular option, since they have room for studio apartments and small apartments. If you need a larger truck, you can rent one from Penske.

One of the biggest challenges of using Home Depots truck rental is scheduling. Using a truck from Home Depot is not advisable if you plan to move locally. If you are moving in the middle of the week, you can expect a better chance of getting one. Make sure to check the availability of a truck online before you plan to go in to the Home Depot location. It may be possible to schedule a rental at a different time or day.